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3 Keys In Expanding Your Missional Living (Part 1): MEET

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In the Spring of 2019, Mobilize Ministries™ expanded to Hollywood, the hub of entertainment professionals who influence culture world-wide!  The vision of Mobilize Ministries™ is lost souls being saved in Christ followers’ everyday lives. We invite you to praise God and join us in what He is doing as we mobilize Christ followers in the industry to expand the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom through daily existing spheres of influence. We want to invite you to be a year end or monthly giver to this important expansion of the ministry to Hollywood. Like the beginning of this thriving ministry, we are seeing God’s Kingdom continue to expand through MEETING, MOBILIZING and MULTIPLYING!

Like we see Jesus meeting intentionally with the disciples, we as a ministry meet and invest in the lives of actors, directors, writers and their families. We’ve been in L.A. less than eight months and are already meeting with, and ministering to, more people than we expected. God has been to faithful in opening doors to quickly for one on one missional living coaching among entertainment industry Christ followers.  We meet with many for one-on-one missional living coaching, equipping them in their daily life to share the Good News of Jesus as a spouse, parent and an actor on and off set. We cater each of these ministry times according to each one’s ministry context. Whether it’s meeting with a Christ following actor, praying with him before interacting with other actors, sharing scriptures easing the stress of a musician, Christ-following entertainment professionals are being intentionally met with and encouraged to view their daily life as a way to share the Gospel. [tweetable author=”@toddlollar”] You have the opportunity to help us intentionally meet and disciple more through your generous year end giving.  Our year end goal is $25,000. We’ll insert your giving onto our goal meter. All new monthly start-ups will be entered onto the meter multiplied times twelve. Will you become a Mobilize Ministries giver today? [/tweetable]

Will you help us meet our 2019 year-end goal as we continue to intentionally meet and equip Christ followers for daily missional living? Your best year-end giving makes the above possible by meeting the year-end goal of $25,000. Also, new monthly pledges for 2020 will contribute to this important goal. Thank you for mobilizing missional living with Mobilize Ministries™ through your tax deductible giving.The next blog article will be about the second key in expanding your missional living.  A hint of what it is, it’s how Mobilize Ministries got it’s name.

(All giving is tax deductible)

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