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YouVersion Devotionals

Mobilize your missional life with these free Youversion daily devotionals.

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Bases to Run to Grand Slam Your Calling

3 Days

Baseball is “America’s sport.” But, there’s gotta be a deeper reason why 40 MILLION people tuned in to see humans hit a ball and run around three bases on a baseball field. Deep down, I believe every person wants to live out what they are made for. Thriving in our calling is such a joy! Here are three bases YOU can run and grand slam YOUR calling.

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How Christmas Mobilizes All Year Long

How Christmas Mobilizes Your Missional Life All Year Long

3 Days

Christmas is life-changing to your life’s mission! The birth of Jesus imparts three breakthroughs in your daily missional life all year long. Discover these in your quiet time with Jesus the next three days.

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How to Start Gospel Conversations

6 Days

You have the most impacting ministry we know! You are why Mobilize Ministries™ exists. Our mission is to mobilize your missional life! Over the next six days let’s meditate on God’s heart for the lost to be saved, and your responsibility in this wonderful mission. During these six days meditate on and practice these six practical tips to help you share Jesus in everyday conversations!

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Weak Is the New Strong

Weak Is the New Strong

10 Days

What if you didn’t have to hide your weaknesses anymore? Todd Lollar was never given that option. Slow-moving, slower-talking, cerebral-palsied, and wheelchair-bound, Todd’s physical weaknesses were always apparent. Escaping them was impossible. This plan is based on Todd’s book, Weak Is The New Strong: God’s Power In You. Discover on this biblical journey how your deepest weaknesses can be your greatest strengths.

How Holy Spirit Mobilizes YOUR Daily Mission

The Holy Spirit is a “He” not an “it”. The phone you’re holding or laptop you are at right now is an “it”. The Holy Spirit is God and He is ALIVE! The Holy Spirit longs to have a relationship with you. He plays a major role with you in your missional life, your mission to share the Good New of Jesus among your daily existing spheres of influence.

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