2 Mobilizers of Presence In Your Life

Every year I pray for one word to hold on to that He wants the year to be about. This year God has used my two year old son, Oliver, to give me the word that God wants to speak into for 2018. I’ve been so convicted in the moments when I’m with Ollie but I’m not really “with” him. He immediately notices and with love and longing in his voice to REALLY be with me he says, no, more like proclaims, “no phone papa” and in that moment, God speaks to me through my two year old son that I’m trading precious memories that will last forever for meaningless glances at an electronic device that I will never remember. In 2017, a tragic accident happened to my sweet nephew and he lost his breath for so long he almost died. Afterwards, he said “There are no phones in heaven.” Funny statement at first but convicting and one could say prophetic for me and the generation at hand investing extraordinary amounts of time in heads bent downward staring at digital fleeting data.

Personally, I’m convicted that I’m trading precious memories with God, family and friends for meaningless time on my phone and social media. I do not want this to be my legacy I leave for Christ among people in my life. We, I, my family and the Mobilize Ministries community I lead mobilizing presence in our lives in two ways. I encourage you to invite friends and family to do this with you in the timeframe you choose:

1.  Fast with family and friends from social media and cell phones.   [tweetable author=”@toddlollar”]Be tired like me and be angry at cell phone and social media playing such a huge part of my life sacrificing time with Jesus and people. [/tweetable] My family and community connected with Mobilize Ministries are fasting from these two relationship distractors the first week of the year. Regardless the date, I encourage you to pick a day and experience this blessing with God and friends. Are you with me? No phones and no social media to experience intentional relationship. Make your intentional plans with a friend or more this week before Saturday, or the date you choose, and also schedule time with Jesus. Your day of presence will provide the pathway to experience this blessing: “Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)

2. Read through the life of Jesus. Recalibrating our hearts and minds to the heart and mind of Jesus, every year we, the growing community I lead, read through the life of Jesus in the four Gospels. Click here to join us through the Bible app, Youversion. This year we are observing how Jesus intentionally was present with each person He was with and how He mobilized individuals in their personal ministries. Luke 8:1 is a main verse for this community, Mobilize Ministries, as we see Jesus “being with” the disciples. Our prayer is to be mobilized through Jesus’ life to truly be present with people we are with on a daily basis.

How do you think fasting from social media and your cell phone would bless your relationship with God and people? What opportunities do you have to experience and model the presence of Jesus with people in your everyday life?  Comment below. Let’s continue this conversation. Invite people to experience presence by sharing this blog article with this hashtag, #mobilizepresence.

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