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Mobilize Ministries™ 2022 Film Release!

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Mobilize Ministries™ mobilized 40,000 people in 2022 to share the Good News of Jesus among daily existing spheres of influence. This would not be possible without faithful givers mobilizing missional living with us. We traveled through ten states on our first ministry tour proclaiming the Good News of Jesus among men’s events, churches and conferences mobilizing 3,000 disciples of Jesus to share His Good News in everyday life. Ray Rhoton, Lead Minister, Bethel Community Church: “Todd is such a blessing. He fearlessly shares how his struggles have turned to strengths. His story of overcoming “weakness” is so powerful. He called our church family to be witnesses for Christ no matter the weaknesses they perceive. His easy demeanor breaks down any barriers while he communicates the Gospel. I can’t recommend him enough.” Please enjoy and share our new film about how we can serve your church, retreat, conference or event with special cameo by Michael Miller, Founder of UPPERROOM:

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