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Church Growth Magazine Release #2

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In the launching of this nonprofit ministry, Mobilize Ministries™️, our vision was and is church growth. This results mobilized missional lives. This year we mobilized 40,000 people to share Jesus. 10,000 church leaders read and equip their churches in this second newly released article of mine in Church Growth Magazine. This impacts all the people they lead. A special thank you to Jason Schumacher. He gave me permission to write on one of the many impacting pieces of his story. Read, comment below and share. I’m excited for you to learn from the mentor who impacted my life the most!

These three keys will bless you. You will thrive with multiplying fruit as you become faithful among your daily existing spheres of influence. We exist to bless, mobilize and equip missional lives among churches nationwide and abroad. Check out here how we serve churches. If you’d like me to come and speak to your church, event, conference or small group, pass this link to your key point person. Give them read these testimonials and to message me here.

A special thank you to the Mobilize Ministries™️ board and people like you who become faithful givers who make all this possible. Become a giver to mobilize missional living in a paralyzed culture. All monthly givers receive a complimentary autographed copy of my book, Weak Is The New Strong: God’s Perfect Power In You. Your year end giving will be matched dollar for dollar!

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