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Book or Attend Todd Lollar Speaking Events

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As the nation is reopening, Mobilize Ministries is in the midst of scheduling speaking events in 2021 through 2024. This is another part of the national leg of the ministry. Click here to be equipped and encouraged by Mobilize Ministries media where Todd is interviewed on talk shows and podcasts and speaking at events. Here are the two areas that you can schedule Todd to speak on:

  • Mobilize Your Missional Life. 

This is the crux of Mobilize Ministries. Your life is the most impactful ministry we know of because you have four spheres of influence God’s Holy Spirit has placed you among to reach with the Good News of Jesus; your family, friends, co-workers and strangers you regularly come across. As Todd Lollar shares with your audience, they’ll be encouraged in their daily missional life with a practical missional living guide modeled by our Guide, Jesus Christ. 

  • Weak Is The New Strong: God’s Perfect Power In You.

Good news! You do not have to be insecure about your weaknesses anymore as they are actually a conduit of God’s power to flow through in every aspect of life. As Todd  dynamically shares in his Amazon bestselling book, he will personally inspire your group or event with personal stories and biblical truth equipping the audience to view weaknesses thankfully as way to live an abundant and intentional life by God’s power! 

Click here to inquire or book Todd Lollar to speak at your event, church, small group or conference. Click here to view Todd’s speaking events posted so far and add them to your calendar.  This is not possible with our people like you who want to support Mobilize Ministries. All monthly givers receive a complimentary autographed copy if Weak Is The New Strong: God’s Perfect Power In You and the recently released audiobook!

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