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How We Support Short-term Mission Trips

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I’ve seen a plethora of Christians who start simply as “church goers,” go on a mission trip and return with a missional heart to share the Good News of Jesus among their everyday spheres of influence. This exact result is what we are shooting for in Mobilize Ministries™! Many churches, especially mega-churches, don’t financially support individual members’ mission trips because it’s simply not in their mission statements and goals. Our goal is to mobilize missional living, and we love being able to fill that need by supporting individuals’ short-term mission trips! We also love being able to help Christ followers figure out how to translate what they’ve learned and experienced on their mission trips back into their everyday life. Here’s what the journey looks like to take advantage of the opportunity for Mobilize Ministries™ to support your mission trip:

1. Write a short narrative – Write a one page explanation of how you envision your short-term mission trip to mobilize you to live missionally upon return. Be specific. Think through what you’ll be doing on your mission trip. Think about the ministry and service opportunities you’ll have on your trip and write about how you see them translating into your everyday life among your existing spheres of influence upon return. Go to a special place and ponder and pray about this because this is being intentional with your life, not only the trip.

2. Decide who will be in your Personal Ministry Community™ – Ask them to be in your PMC™ upon return. You and your community can choose how often you meet (weekly or bi-weekly). The main goal of the PMC™ is to talk and process through together what’s happening in your daily missional living, a.k.a. your missional living. We see this is simply not happening in most church small groups. Mobilize Ministries™ fulfills this need in God’s Kingdom for Christ followers to process and take seriously their daily missional lives. Include the details you know about your future PMC™ in your narrative.

3. Partner Development Training – Mobilize Ministries™ will support a portion of your trip if selected and if you agree to journey with us in this way. We can also support you by using twenty years experience in fundraising to train you to raise the remainder of your support.

4. Share on a testimonial video – Upon return from your Kingdom-expanding mission trip, you’ll shoot and share a 3-5 minute video about what you experienced God doing through you on your trip, and how you now translate this into your everyday missional life through your daily spheres of influence. You’ll also share about the new journey you’re beginning with your new Personal Ministry Community™ (PMC™). This video will be uploaded to to encourage viewers’ daily missional living.

5. Experience a year of missional living in your everyday life – Our prayer is that now with your written plan, awesome experience from your funded fruitful trip now proclaimed on video and your newly launched Personal Ministry Community™, you’ll have your best year ever plunging you into a life-time of missional living, expanding the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom through your everyday spheres of influence.

Now what? Share this wonderful opportunity with everyone you know! Do you have a mission trip opportunity and want to start this journey now? E-mail your one page narrative described in point one to us by clicking here. Comment below on how you envision this to expand the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom.

You may be someone who has been wanting to become a giver to a critical mission like this. Click here to partner with us: