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What’s Your Word For This Year?

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I’m approaching my seventh year of claiming one word for the entire year. Instead of a resolution that can be so burdening, stressful and guilt-ridden which are all not from God, I pick one word that I want to know more about, encompass with my life and experience like I’ve never experienced before. Words are powerful. They give life or death. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs‬ ‭18‬:‭21‬) Usually the word is a characteristic of the Lord I want to dig deeply into and envelope with my life giving me life. Here are the words I’ve embraced over the last six years:

2022 ~ The year of God’s power – Because of God’s power we reached 30,000 people through Mobilize Ministries™️.

2021 -Freedom – we were living in a state where our family and friends were not experiencing much freedom in America! That year I discovered God’s heart for freedom from Him freeing God’s people from Pharaoh to freeing humankind from Satan on the cross . 

2020 – The year of mountain moving – in the midst of the shutdown, we experienced God reaching so many people through His love in us. It was miraculous.  

2019 – The year of quickened kept promises  – We experienced God’s faithfulness from provision to making our vision realized reaching people in the entertainment industry. Also, a publisher was landed for my book…two decades of vision realized. 

2018 – The year of presence – in the meta narrative of the Bible God repeatedly shares with His people like you and me on His mission that “I am with you”. This year was a new beginning of experiencing Him being with us and then modeling His presence by truly being present with others. 

2017 – The year of unmerited favor – this is the Biblical  Greek meaning of grace that is experience through Jesus. This year I realized I’ve experienced this my whole life but it helped me recognize God’s unmerited favor  in the moment and during difficult situations to know that I’ll always experience His unmerited favor. 

Consider embracing one word in your 2023. I’d love to know what word you land on. Please share below. Become a monthly giver to Mobilize Ministries™️ and receive a thank you gift of an auTographed copy of Weak Is The New Strong.

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