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People like you who engage in this important ministry to mobilize your missional lives have engaged in our daily devotionals on Youversion along with 30,000 other devotional readers. This is only made possible by people like you who regularly give tax deductible giving to Mobilize Ministries to mobilize missional lives among daily existing spheres of influence! Here are all our devotionals to date. Our latest release this month is called “Bases to Run to Grand Slam Your Calling”! Baseball is “America’s sport.” But, there’s gotta be a deeper reason why 40 MILLION people tuned in to see humans hit a ball and run around three bases on a baseball field. Deep down, I believe every person wants to live out what they are made for. Thriving in our calling is such a joy! Click here to launch and discover over three days the three bases YOU can run and grand slam YOUR calling. This is only made possible through people like you who become monthly, quarterly or annual givers to this ministry. Click here and become a reoccurring giver and receive an autographed copy of my book, Weak Is The New Strong: God’s Perfect Power In You:

(All giving is tax deductible)

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