How To Study The New Testament with A Friend

As you know, we have started a Bible studies among entertainment professionals at a local coffee shop, but we hope that it will  more than just a Bible study. Our mission is for Christ followers like you to have this Bible study with their friends one-to-one throughout the weeks, and we want you to be able to do the same thing!

The way we lead the study makes it reproducible with any book of the Bible right where you are: with family, coworkers, or in a coffee shop with a friend.  The reproducible way we’re using is called the “ABCDE” method, and this is what each letter stands for:

A- A Title: What title you would personally give to this section?

B- Basic Verse: What is a verse that popped out to you and why?

C- Challenge: What truth in this passage challenges your life? How will this truth in and through your life make tomorrow different than yesterday?

D- Difficulty: What was difficult to understand in this passage? What do you need to study more about?

E- Essence: What is the essence of this passage? In 2-3 sentences, what are you walking away with?We encourage you to pray about who you should have this Bible study with. You could have it over Philippians like we are, or use any other book of the Bible.  [tweetable author=”@toddlollar”] Simply read a passage of the Bible and then go through each letter of the “ABCDE” method seeing what God shows you. What other Bible study methods that have helped you study God’s Word and have helped you study the Bible with someone else? [/tweetable]  Thanks for helping us be able to experience what you did! Continue there conversation below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Study The New Testament with A Friend”

  1. This was the first Bible study method I did as a student at UNT during my undergraduate years. We studied Ephesians and it revolutionized my walk with God. I still often use and refer it to people. I have now adapted it to my Bible study by giving it a little personal nuance that makes it more applicable to my ministry. This method is a perfect shell to apply to all scripture and is easily reproducible. I love it.

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