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Todd’s New Book To Mobilize Your Missional Life

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You may have read my book, Weak Is The New Strong: God’s Perfect Power in You. My follow up book will be on behalf of Mobilize Ministries™. It’ll be a handbook of sorts for the ministry so everyone will easily know Mobilize Ministries™’ vision, mission and how we serve and mobilize you, small groups and churches to thrive in missional living among each’s daily existing spheres of influence. I’m excited as the book will hit on:

  • How God has called you, yes you, to live on mission.
  • How you have an impacting ministry among your four daily existing spheres of influence,
  • What is missional life coaching?
  • How intentional community can mobilize your missional life.
  • … and much more.

This book, Mobilize Your Missional Life will be a tribute to Stanley Shipp who was the mentor of mine who shared Jesus with all he met and inspired me at. a young age to share the Gospel. He was also Max Lucado’s mentor. In fact, Max dedicated his book, Applause To Heaven to “father in the faith, Staanley Shipp”. The ways Stanley inspired us to share Jesus, he will you too through this important upcoming book expected to be finished the middle of next year.

You can actually play a part in this important book! We have a special fundraising goal of $12,000 for this book. $7,500 raised to date. We are 62.5% there. Will you give your best tax deductible gift to make this Mobilize Your Missional Life a reality today?

(All giving is tax deductible)

1008 Linn Lane

Yukon, OK 73099