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God’s Big Missional Move! (ministry tour clip)

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We’ve been on a five week stint speaking, preaching, teaching, which is all ministering at eight events including a keynote at a regional men’s conference, community church services and a man night. God is giving us a huge heart to mobilize men to lead and to mobilize Jesus followers in local churches to be missional where they’re planted. This ministry tour clip combines the two inspiring equipping messages I’ve been preaching and teaching on throughout the nation. Will you contact us if you know of a church, event, conference or small group we can encourage and equip to thrive in missional living and God’s power through their weaknesses? If you see a benefit in what we are doing, become one of the four monthly givers to Mobilize Ministries we are praying for. As a monthly giver you’ll receive two gifts, the award nominated audiobook and an autographed hard copy of Weak Is The New Strong: God’s Perfect Power In You. All giving is tax deductible.

(All giving is tax deductible)

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