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How We Mobilized Over One Million People In 2021 (Life Today video)

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2021 kicked off with me being a guest on the Life Today show with over one million viewers around the world. Immediately ollowing the airing, we received messages from people all around the world who also want to thrive in God’s power through their weaknesses and be mobilized in their daily missional lives! Our online ministry thrived during this time as some of the world was still in lockdown. Praise God for all the hearts that were ministered to through our equipping articles, online chats and FaceTimes. 2021 marks the year that Mobilize Ministries is a global ministry, mobilizing Christ followers in expanding the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom among daily existing spheres of influence from Hollywood among the entertainment industry, and worldwide online! Natasha tweeted this while watching the Life Today episode: “Wow. What an amazing interview and what an
amazing ministry expanding Jesus’ Kingdom. I’m sitting here in Joburg, South Africa and I’m literally ten centimeters away from the TV screen, marveling at the power of God. Todd, you and Mobilize Ministries are truly a blessing, globally!” Will you give your best year end tax deductible gift or set up monthly giving helping us reach our year end goal to mobilize missional living in a paralyzed culture through our 2022 ministry tour?